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Cost Per Square Meter For a Resin Driveway

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resin driveway cost per m2

Resin driveways come in two main types: bound and bonded. The former is a cheaper option, but the resin will not stick to all stones. Resin bound will give a completely smooth finish, but will require more work, including the preparation of the surface. Also, it will require more maintenance, so you need to be aware of these costs. For more information about the cost per m2, please refer to the following table.

How to Know About Cost Per Square Meter For a Resin Driveway

The price per square metre for a resin driveway depends on several factors. The size of the area and the level of drainage will determine the cost. If the area is not in a good condition, the cost will be higher. The cost per m2 will also vary depending on the location. For example, if you live in London, the price of resin driveway cost per m2 will be higher than those in the south of the country. The logistics of installation will also play a part in the cost. In most cases, the resin driveway will be installed at a 15mm depth. However, if you intend to drive heavy vehicles on it, the thickness will be increased to 18mm. This will require more materials and increase the cost.

The average resin driveway installation costs between PS60 and PS170 per square metre. The cost may vary slightly based on the area and the experience of the installer. Generally, a resin driveway can be installed in two days, but it can be much longer if you need to add on the extra work. Depending on your experience level, a resin driveway installation can range anywhere from PS300 to PS500.

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