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Dyno Tuning For Diesel Engines

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diesel dyno tuning

A diesel dyno tuning , also known as a dyno, is used for measuring a vehicle’s performance and output. Among other things, it can measure engine horsepower, torque and the mix of air and fuel that is burning inside the motor. Students in the Automotive Technology program at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) have the opportunity to work on this state-of-the-art equipment and learn what a dyno is all about.

Dyno tuning is used to increase a vehicle’s power, torque and overall performance. It allows you to see firsthand the impact of different modifications, such as a new intake or camshaft. It can also help you understand why a particular part may be performing poorly, such as an exhaust leak or a bad fuel pump.

Before a vehicle is put on the dyno, the technician will inspect it to ensure that there are no issues that could affect its performance, such as leaks or frayed wires. Then, the tuner will connect his computer to the vehicle’s computer so that he can have live data while the car is on the dyno.

Diesel Dyno Tuning: Fine-Tuning Power and Efficiency for Optimal Performance

Remapping a diesel engine’s computer is one of the best power increases you can make to your truck. If your ECM is locked, Bully Dog Technologies has a product called the Big Rig Power Pup that gives 6 to 12 percent fuel economy gains, backed by a money back guarantee. Fuel-pump upgrades are also a common modification, as diesels typically pull in more air than gas engines. And more air requires more fuel to burn it.

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