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How to Clean a Coffee Pot Without Vinegar

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One of the easiest ways to clean a coffee pot is to use baking soda. This substance is inexpensive and non-toxic. It also works very well in cleaning a coffee pot. Mix a cup of baking soda with a cup of warm water. Pour the solution into the coffee maker pot and run a full brew cycle. After this, rinse the pot with fresh water. After this process, the coffee maker should look like new.

Why Need to Clean a Coffee Pot Without Vinegar

To clean coffee maker with salt water, use lemon juice. Lemon juice contains the same acidic properties as white vinegar, and it’s inexpensive. Just squeeze a lemon and pour the juice into the coffee pot. Then, rinse it with clean water. You can also add a drop of liquid dish soap or a cup of warm water to the cleaning solution. This will make the coffee maker sparkle and taste fresh.

The disadvantage of lemon juice over vinegar is that it doesn’t have a strong smell. You can squeeze the juice yourself or buy pre-packaged lemon juice. Mix equal parts of lemon juice with water, then pour the mixture into the coffee maker reservoir. Let it sit for a quarter hour before you use it again. It will work just as well. It’s important to remove any remaining residue before you store your coffee.

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