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How to Format a SD Card Using CMD

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The first step in how to format an SD card is to connect it to your computer. Run the command prompt as an administrator and type cmd. Then, type diskpart. This will show a list of disks. Select the SD card by selecting the disk + number. After this, type /f to erase existing files and partitions. Then, press ENTER to confirm the action. Then, your SD card should be formatted successfully.

Why How To Format A SD Card Using CMD Succeeds

The second step is to locate the SD card under the “This PC” header. Give it a name and volume label if you want. Be aware that formatting the SD card will wipe out all your data, so it’s essential to back up any important files before proceeding. After formatting the SD memory, you’ll receive a window stating “format sc card using cmd Complete”. Click OK to close the window and then re-connect the SD card.

Once you’ve selected the SD card, you’ll see the file system and partition names. If you’d like to change the file system, select the file system and unit size. Once you’ve chosen the right file system, click OK to proceed. The formatting process will begin immediately. Depending on your device, the process might take some time. If it’s your first time trying to format a SD card, you might want to consider backing up any important data before attempting the process.

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