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Quality Pieces

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Quality Pieces

The first step to building a quality wardrobe is to invest in a few well-made pieces. If you can afford it, quality items will have a longer lifespan and last much longer than cheap fast fashion. This way you won’t be wasting your money on clothes that end up looking worn and stretched out within months of being purchased. Quality Pieces are made with better materials and have a more finished look so they are less likely to fray or fall apart easily. They also feel nicer against your skin, and are better for the environment than mass-produced garments. They’ll also hold their shape and look better after a few washes.

Firstly, look at the fabric. Whether it’s a jacket, skirt or top it’s important to check what the garment is made from. This can be done by reading the brands website or checking the label in store. This will help you to understand what type of fibres are used and if it’s natural or synthetic. Having a high percentage of natural fibres doesn’t always mean a garment is quality, it depends on how the fabric is constructed and made to last.

Next, check the stitching. Whether it’s a plain weave or a tweed, it’s important to look at the stitches and how tightly they are sewn. A lot of cheap clothes have poor stitching, which shows the garment wasn’t made with care or attention to detail. You can also check the strength of the seams by running your finger along them. Are they tight or loose, and is the stitching uniform? A zigzag pattern is usually a sign of poor quality.

A good sign of a quality garment is whether or not it has lining, as this will keep the inside of the garment warm and protect it from damage. It’s also worth noticing if the lining matches the rest of the fabric, as this indicates that more time and effort was put into making the garment.

It’s also a good idea to check the zip. If it’s exposed or if the stitching of the zipper goes against the fabric, this is a sign that the garment was made quickly and poorly. A high quality garment will have a hidden zip and the stitching will match the rest of the fabric.

Finally, check the hems and waistbands of a garment to see how they are made. A quality garment will have a hem allowance of at least 1 and a half inches or more, depending on the style. This means the hem will be tightly sewn and won’t have any loose ends. This will make it easy to hem your clothes at home if necessary, and it’ll also look much neater than an unfinished hem. It’s important to keep in mind that even high-quality clothes can fall apart if they aren’t properly cared for. The best way to avoid this is to follow the manufacturers care instructions closely.