Jlbcreations Blog Thugpug Genetics Review – Garlic Breath by Thugpug Genetics

Thugpug Genetics Review – Garlic Breath by Thugpug Genetics

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Thugpug genetics focuses on making some of the most unique cannabis strains on the market today. They hail out of Michigan and have gained a lot of attention for their cultivars that offer potent, exotic effects and flavors. Some of their strains like Peanut Butter Breath and Anaphylaxis have even won awards from the Karma Cup and GGG Organic Cup.

What is the strongest strain of seed?

Weed trends come and go, but one thing that is always constant is the demand for high quality marijuana strains that offer a unique experience. This is why breeders and growers are constantly experimenting with new strains and crossing existing ones in an attempt to find the next big thing.

Currently, thugpug genetics has 4 varieties in our catalog with 3 of them being regular seeds and 1 being feminized. You can find more information about these strains by checking their Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy and Hybrids / Crossbreeds.

Garlic Breath by thugpug genetics is an indica dominant variety that flowers in 60+ days. It is a Jedi x Mendo Breath F2 hybrid.

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