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{ What Does Dreaming About Being Arrested Mean?

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dream about being arrested

Dreaming that you are being arrested is a warning that something bad is about to happen. Perhaps you have some enemies that are trying to keep you from moving forward. Or maybe something you have planned is not going the way you expect it to. Whatever the meaning of your dream, it is a good idea to avoid making drastic changes until you find the right solution.

Arrests are a metaphor for certain obligations, and can mean non-disclosure agreements or restrictive employment contracts. Breaking one of these rules could cause you to suffer a financial loss. Similarly, if you are being chased by the police in your dream, you need to double your efforts to resolve any problems or disputes that are weighing down on you. Alternatively, you may be trying to escape from a situation that is making you feel uncomfortable.

Dreaming that you are being arrested can also mean that you are doing something wrong in the real world. You might be bossing other people around or exercising unhealthy control over them. You might be committing an immoral act and need to confront the consequences of your actions. You may also have a rebellious streak that will cause you to drift apart from your partner.

When dreaming about being arrested, you might be trying to change a behavior that has caused you grief in the past. For instance, if you are arresting someone in your dream, this may be a warning that you need to stop mooching off others. You may be taking advantage of them or making them feel unappreciated.

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