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Yo WhatsApp Mod

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Yo WhatsApp is a mod app for Android phones that gives you a lot of new features to enjoy. The app is designed for those who want more privacy, security, and customization options.

Is YoWhatsApp better than Gbwhatsapp?

Scheduled Messages: You can send messages to your friends at specific times and dates. This is great if you have to remind someone of something or if you forget to message them at the right time.

Customize The Home & Conversation Screen: You can customize the appearance of your YoWhatsApp home screen and chats. You can change the color of tabs, unread counter text, undead message text, page title text and more.

Send Photos & Status In Best Quality: As you know, official WhatsApp compresses the images and status you share with your friends. But with this mod, you can upload photos and status in full quality without any compression.

Call Privacy: You can choose to block calls from a specific number or select who you want to receive calls from. This is a great feature if you don’t like people calling you all the time or if you’re constantly on the go.

Emoji Variant: YO Whatsapp also comes with emoji variants that you can use in your conversations. You can use these emojis in your chats with your friends and family members.

Themes: You can choose from a wide range of themes in YoWhatsApp. These themes include anime, cars, models, superheroes, mermaids, animals, cartoons, dragons, games and more.

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