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Hangover IV Therapy

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IV therapy has been around for more than 200 years. Infusions of salt water—or saline solution—are normal and safe treatments for dehydration and other conditions. And the drip is a great way to get fluids directly into your bloodstream without having to depend on your already-fragile digestive system. Having it delivered through your veins also means that the vitamins, minerals, and pain medications are absorbed faster than they would be if you were drinking them orally.

Is it safe to inject NAD?

Depending on the contents of the IV bag, a hangover IV treatment can include pain medication, electrolytes, and glutathione—which is a liver detoxifier and a natural antioxidant. Glutathione, for example, breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde and helps the body dump it, explains Kitfield. “Your liver can only make a certain amount of acetaldehyde at one time,” she says, explaining that if there’s too much in the body, it triggers vomiting, which dumps even more toxins from the stomach and bloodstream.

Getting a hangover IV is not for the squeamish, since it involves needle stick. But, the needles are tiny, and many people feel a quick relief from their symptoms as soon as the drip is finished. Hangover iv therapy isn’t typically covered by health insurance, but it’s a popular service at salons and spas, hotels, and even bars that cater to partygoers. It’s also becoming more common at events like Coachella, where a tent dedicated to IV treatments is a regular feature. Some celebrities have even documented their experience with a hangover iv on social media.

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